Wondering how a celebrity you represent came to be on this site or how to have one added?

All celebrities and charities are added and voted on only by registered users–amazing Superfans who wish to help The BiLLe to direct its Charitable Donations Pool and know their favourite celeb has invested a great deal of thought into which charities are most worthy.

It is literally the Superfans and Fans who make this site. They add celeb names, upload their own photo, and submit the celebrity’s favourite charity based on their own research. The BiLLe merely moderates and does its utmost to arrange an in-person cheque presentation with the most popular celeb, neither influencing nor interfering with the selection process.

If you would like a celeb you represent removed from this website, we will gladly oblige, but please give consideration to how these names came to be here–through the celebrities’ most precious resource: the Fans and Superfans who love them dearly. The BiLLe absolutely GUARANTEES to deliver on donations to preferred charities of winning celebs, with a minimum of €10,000.00. We hope you and the celebrities you represent will help us to make unforgettable moments possible for those Fans and Superfans!

To have your celebrity removed, e-mail admin (at) The BiLLe dot com, and once we’ve verified your authenticity, we will immediately honour your request. Removal of a celebrity is permanent and irrevokable.

To have a celebrity added, it’s best to engage his or her fan base through social media like Twitter or Facebook, or via the celeb’s official website and blog. Doing so can also have a big impact on votes!

We welcome your feedback and hope this website makes a significant positiive impact for celebs and charities.

The BiLLe Team