6 Awe-Inspiring Celebrity Charity Challenges

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Celebrity Charity Challenges

It isn’t uncommon for celebrities to take up challenges with charity being the sole purpose. Being at the peak of fame and affluence do not stop them from walking back down into the public to help them out with several issues. People often look for validation from these celebrities regarding certain endeavors and opinions, but that isn’t something these popular faces enjoy doing. As a viewer and a fan, you need to understand that they too are humans and have a beautiful life to live. It is the small things that matter the most and create a room full of smiles. Criticisms and censure for the bad deeds is what a person deserves from the public; such awe-inspiring challenges and activities need undying support. All these charity practices are celebrated by the viewers for the sheer humanity it exudes. Let us have a look at some of the best celebrity charity challenges in the past.

1.      Matt Baker

The Children In Need rickshaw challenge was completed by the One Show host Matt Baker in 2011. A team of young people pedaled on a cart around the country and covered about 450 miles for the aid of charity. The fun part is that he didn’t stop with the event that year but accepted the challenge and took the bike again in 2014.

2.      Davina McCall

Davina McCall


A Sports Relief challenge was completed by the presenter Davina McCall in 2014 by pedaling 130 miles on a bike through rain and gale-force winds. The next stage of the challenge was the daunting activity of having to swim across the freezing lake of Windermere for 1.5 miles.

3.      Jim Carter

The stern butler in Downtown Abbey, Mr Carson had to take up a challenge as his true self- Jim Carter. A 450 km cycle ride was conducted as part of a charity for the Richard House Children’s Hospice in Madagascar, where Carter hit the road with his cycle for the challenge. He has been doing similar activities around the world to raise funds for good causes such as this.

4.      Eddie Izzard

Sport Relief in 2009

As a part of the Sport Relief in 2009, comedian Eddie Izzard took up the challenge of running 43 marathons in 51 days. He covered around 1,110 miles across Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland in those two months.

5.      Helen Skelton

The Blue Peter presenter, Helen Skelton has always been an active participant in the charity challenges. In 2010, she walked over a 213ft-high tightrope that lay between the chimneys of a power station. It was followed by a kayaking event in 2011 for the Sport Relief by going across the Amazon for 2010 miles.

6.      David Williams

In an event for the Sport Relief of 2011, the comedian David Williams swam an epic 140 miles down the River Thames despite the ice-cold water, dodgy and mushy riverbed, and painful rashes from the wetsuit. In the eight-day swim, David also managed to save a pet Labrador from drowning in the water near Berkshire.

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