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We always had dogs, we never had cats. My mom was a cat person and I used to marvel at her weirdness over her cats”, those are the words of Billy Corgan, songwriter, composer, poet, entrepreneur among many other things, as he reflected on his childhood growing up with his father and the ‘contrasting’ relationship that his mother had with animals. Though known for many things Bill is most widely acclaimed and known as the founding member of the Smashing Pumpkins band. After adopting two siamese kittens from the PAWS Chicago No Kill humane animal shelter Bill continued his relationship with the shelter and in many ways Bill considers this relationship and that of his pets to be a mutually beneficial one although the shelter has benefited in the order of well over six figures due to his asssociation with them.

As Bill recalls his first attempt to adopt a kitten by visiting the city pound in Chicago and the horror he felt from the sense that his pick was in a sense a death sentence for another that was not chosen, “Just the feeling in the place. It felt more like I was walking into choosing which one was going to the gallows and which one wasn’t”, he said. His experience at the No Kill shelter was a lot more cordial and inviting and created the atmosphere that has led to this blossoming and most successful relationship and the owner of two siamese cats (Mister Thom and Sammi).corgan-cats-610×3791-282×175 Through his donations and affiliation with many fund raising events the shelter has been fortuitously blessed and on the flip side Bill believes that his life has been influenced for the better, “It made my life better. I started looking at it like it made my life precious. It’s picking and choosing what you choose to value.” He believes that by doing so it allows you to develop a real relationship with your pets. While many pet owners have not benefited directly through Bill’s efforts the widespread impact is clearly evident.

The cost of caring and maintaining a pet or a few pets for that matter can be rather daunting but the joy and satisfaction that comes with owning and caring for your cats and dogs is nothing short of amazing. For many pet owners the use of cost saving measures such as pet coupons is critical in determining how many pets they could maintain. Free tidy cats coupon is a favorite among cat owners while for dog owners pedigree coupons are highly favored. For PAWS the ability to continue running an establishment that have over the years received much acclaim is a great accomplishment and the efforts of individuals like Bill in not only adopting a cat or 2 in his case but going the extra mile by getting personally involved in the institutions advocacy program is what we should all strive for.

We all will not be able to raise a hundred thousand dollars in one night but every small contribution and voluntary effort will go a long way. Like Bill said, “the blessing of having an animal is the healing and joy form a relationship that’s based in unconditional love..” For More on Bill’s Story visit the PAWS Chicago website.

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