Celeb charity Challenge

The bille will make a donation to the preferred charity of the celeb with the most votes.

Add your favourite celebrity

If you don't have an account, there is no cost to create one. Then simply add your favourite celeb's name and his or her preferred charity.


You can vote on one celebrity every 24 hours, so come back daily to help propel your favourite to the top!

Invite your friends to vote

All you have to do is share the link and ask your friends to vote for their favourite, and tall the proceedings for the buzz created will go to charity.


If the celeb you submitted is at the top of the list when the weekly countdown runs out, you’re first up to meet your celeb! We will automatically contact the winning celeb’s representation and do our best to arrange a meeting. If it happens, we’ll contact you and tell you to get packing.

Want to meet your favourite Celeb and help direct The BiLLe's Charitable Donations Pool?

This site exists to make both happen. Everyone who plays The BiLLe as an individual or on a Team chooses a charity. One of the 7 primary options is the Celeb Charity Challenge. All funds allocated to it are earmarked for distribution to the preferred charities of winning celebs. Only registered users of The BiLLe are allowed to vote or add a celebrity, and you must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
The policy of voting for a celebrity and then the proceedings going to a charity is a very noble cause. I have asked all my friends to vote here.
Fernanda Almeida Araujo
The Bille group is doing a noble operation which has helped a lot of people in their adventures. Also, with the group selecting two players and taking them on a trip makes it much better.
Ellis S. Troy
They are using a simple formula of using the money created here and sending it to a charitable cause they believe in. I support them 100%.
Ronald M. Burritt

Latest Events & Updates

The BiLLe Group's Charitable Donations Pool.

The BiLLe will fly both players to meet with the winning celeb at a location designated by that celeb. If any or both winners are unable to attend at the scheduled time and place, the presentation will go on regardless. If a meeting cannot be arranged or the celeb declines, the earmarked funds are returned to the Celeb Charity Challenge Donations Pool.